Locked inside a cold sad space

Missing her touch, her voice, her face

Random thoughts run through his head

"Why must it be this way?" he said


In winter’s cold, and dark of night

He ventured forth, and at first sight

A fuzzy lovely presence came

To hesitantly join the game


Cautious thoughts and careful words

Flew about like wounded birds

Tales of hurtful happenstance

Began the precious painful dance


"Friendship first" they both proclaimed

But close companions they became

Casting caution to the wind

Two lives entwined, it seemed no sin


Sharing food and wine and song

No longer alone, they traveled on

Sharing bed and heart and soul

Shattered lives becoming whole


But summer sojourn led to the fall

As both began erecting walls

No easy reason could explain

Why solitude they chose again


No longer ready to turn the page

She sought from him to disengage

To focus healing loving eyes

On those their path had compromised


And he from lessons never learned

Allowed cold words to hurt and spurn

Instead of trying to keep the faith

Retreated to the pain beneath


To sit and ponder once again

Why life is such a sad refrain

He can only hope and pray

Her heart may call again one day




copyright r.b.franklin 20/11/05
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