Of Fluffleumps and Snow Flakes

Fluffleumps are furry things

With purple eyes and fuzzy wings

They live inside a snowflake’s shell

How they got there they won’t tell


When winter comes and clouds a-gather

Fluffleumps pray for awful weather

Knowing that when skies are gray

They will soon come out to play


Fluffleump Mommies can hardly wait

To strap fuzzy shoes on furry feet

And slipping into snowy chutes

Fluffleump babies begin to hoot


While down here on the streets below

If we listen closely we will know

That Fluffleumps will soon be soaring

Their tiny fuzzy voices roaring


Gliding down in crystal palace

They bear you and I no malice

They’re simply glad to be alive

As in our hair they love to dive


But when our fingers touch the spot

A drop of water is all we’ve got

All the Fluffleump girls and boys

Have gone to live inside our toys


God bless the Fluffleumps, every one

They live their lives in snowy fun

Until fuzzy wings caress our face

And then they vanish without a trace!


copyright r.b.franklin 09/12/05
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One Response to Of Fluffleumps and Snow Flakes

  1. Karen Ferguson-HLNA says:

    Wow Rod,
    I didn’t realize you were so poetic. It is beautiful!

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