Colours float upon the walls

To brighten up once dreary halls,

Of mountain cabin’s curling smoke

And panda bear beside a brook


Old Gollum peers with evil frown

As elephants stroll slowly down,

To dip their trunks in waters cold

Then gaze across at Tower bold


Trees starkly etched by silken moon

Play a silent spooky age-old tune,

While whale wrapped in tangled net

Casts tearful eye on last sunset


These images graven in the mind

Give pause to stop, to look, to find,

Those precious places in the soul

Where loving you has made me whole


As little ones you helped me grow

From boy to man, and then to know,

Your Father I would always be

The moment you sat upon my knee


And many a Christmas Eve was spent

Building doll homes and kitchen sets,

Joyfully awaiting all the while

Morning laughter and wide-eyed smiles


Camped on guard in bedroom hall

As you would playfully peek and call,

Knowing full well why I was there

Beneath the gruffness was loving care


Public speaking and poems in books

Filled me with pride to overlook,

Those miniature steps along the path

While calling out the window, "Bath!"


Trips to Marine and Wonder Land

Dinosaur bones, weren’t they grand?

Casaloma and the Tower too,

Ice Capades and of course the Zoo


In later years through thick and thin

No school today? It seemed a sin,

But soon enough by ocean shore

Your Merits led my heart to soar


Then not long after, off to College

Climbing the mountain of true knowledge

That led you where you are today

A shining light upon your way


Regrets, of course there are a few

For when I went away from you,

And caused you pain so very deep

My heart was broken to hear you weep


It left us drifting, so far away

Forever it seemed I could but pray,

That you would both in time forgive

And remember our spirits together live


When you made that leap of faith

It pulled me out from underneath,

A place of sorrow and of pain

To live and grow and feel again


Oh how the time went fleeting by

For even though we’d sometimes cry,

These memories we’ll always treasure

They give our lives a sense of measure


And now young angels, off you go

Along a path where you will know,

That time and distance matters not

When love and caring we’ve been taught



copyright r.b.franklin 04/01/06
….for E & A, with love, respect, and admiration, always…
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One Response to INFINITUDE

  1. Erin says:

    Hey RodI absolutely love the poem "Infinitude" … is it another way for infinity? I really love how you were able to put it all together, it was beautiful I filled up. Heather really liked it when I read it. Amanda loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it took so long, it played on my mind…I have just been overwhelmed with a million things…anyways I am writing on my closet in my room the poem don’t quit. When the printer is hooked up I will print the poem u wrote. Thanks sooooo much. Love YouErin

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