Black on white, an endless strand

Across dreamscape of icy land

An imperial march of tiny feet

On infinite path their fate to meet

A frigid vista of southern light

Never once do they lose sight

Or falter as they soldier on

As forebears did in past eons

Arriving there, the dance ensues

An ancient wondrous pas de déux

A surpassing sweet and gentle bond

‘Twixt miniature ladies and men so fond

Much later as new life begins

In huddled masses against the wind

Each in turn will warm the other

Protecting that which soon will flower

Through loving care and many trips

By mates and dearest on lonely strips

Of carved and sculpted icy floes

While wintry blasts forever blow

Then trek in turn from frosty firth

And struggle to their place of birth

In all their diminutive magnificence

It makes one ponder our significance

copyright r.b.franklin 09/01/06
…Inspired by "March of the Penguins", which moved me in a way that words cannot adequately convey.
This will have to do…
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One Response to EMPEROR SONG

  1. Erin says:

    awesome! Me like

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