Paddy Ash


A full year to the day

Whence she entered my life

A phone call was made

From the edge of a knife


Very much like the first

Cloaked in mystery’s lilt

Whilst claiming an interest

In a life now re-built


From the ashes and dashes

Of shared tales and ale

Long withered away

Once caring had paled


I grow tired of the game

And the path of pretence

Now huddled so warily

On this side of the fence


Any faint spark of hope

That flared in the night

Has died in the instant

As Paddy’s burned bright


So please I beseech thee

Reach no more in sad jest

As you know oh so well

We have failed the test

copyright r.b.franklin 25/01/06
…oh how i wish i could become (like mr. floyd) so comfortably numb…
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