Amazing how such simple truths
That so long seemed evasive
In times of slowly fading youth
Have now become pervasive
We duck, we dodge, we obfuscate
On the road from there to here
Yet all we do is complicate
A path that should be clear
What we see is who we are
In our glorious imperfection
While those around who truly care
Trouble not with such inspection
So knowing this, why must it be
Such a long and painful journey
Somehow we must let it be
Before it bring us to our knees
Else we may never truly know
All the joy that life can bring
Instead let’s simply let it go
And dwell on precious things
Like friends and rain and fuzzy bugs
Which crawl across our toes
While walking barefoot in the mud
Forgetful of imagined woes
copyright r.b.franklin 19/02/06
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