Peering out from underneath
A solitary span of days,
A faerie bridge he did descry
In mists of time from far away
“What is this place?” he cried within
The circled walls of stone,
That had so carefully been built
To withstand this life alone 
For it had a faintly elfin echo
A ghostly, resonating ring,
An aria stirring in the soul
That once upon a time did sing
In joyful voice transcendent   
Whilst standing on like trestle,
And now seemed poised to yet again
Cause heart and mind to wrestle
With themes that poets and learned ones
Have forever sought to answer,
On how to live and love in measure
When pain may be the final dancer
To go or stay or hide away,
It always comes down to this,
Deign to live in solitude,
Or go forth in search of bliss
copyright r.b.franklin 20/02/06
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