Elegant child, where have you gone?
I miss your sad and lovely song,
It swept around me when you spoke
A spell it cast, a dream evoked,
A long forgotten rumination
Of life without incrimination,
A manifestation of time and place
So filled with wonder at your grace,
And amazement you would want to be
In company with one like me,
Unworthy man, who all the while
With words and actions infantile,
Took umbrage at imagined sleight
‘Twas no wonder you took flight,
And went along your way alone
There is no way now to atone,
For all that I have said and done
Save to tell you, darling one,
The precious time we spent together
Will live within my heart forever.
copyright r.b.franklin 25/04/06
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One Response to Absolution

  1. Erin says:

    I absolutely love this one!!!! My favorite!!!!!!!!

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