peering out around the bend

it seems a quite disturbing trend

i’m morphing into something

that may be truly frightening

and not too sure if the result

will aptly fit within a cult

if dripping fangs and bloody claws

will place me far above the law


just don’t know if i’m equipped

here on this savage sailing ship

to slash and bite and tear and rip

(oh this is such a soothing trip

me thinks perhaps i need a whip)

copyright r.b.franklin 27/07/06

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2 Responses to howl

  1. Menahesh says:

    This one sounds a little like Byron in one of his more whimiscal moods. Especially the rythm and the bit about whips.
    Anti comment: It feels like the poem is starting in the middle of a thought. There doesn’t seem to be a context to understand the poem (if understanding and not feeling is what you are aiming at). 
    Is this the sort of commentary you are looking for? Let me know before I go on.

  2. Rod says:

    No, a bit of throw away silliness, as you noted. Whimsical, with an edge perhaps, and no, not a lot of thought as to imparting meaning for the reader. Some of the other pieces you will hopefully find to be a little less obtuse. This is EXACTLY the kind of feedback I am seeking, keep it coming!

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