i visit the spaces between these lines

in search of solace of a kind,

not the kind to ease the mind,

but to make it go away

i huddle up and close it down

and let the feelings flow,

while superego huffs and puffs

and wonders what to say

sometimes it leads me to a place,

with heart sounds like fine lace

across my world of hopes unfurled;

why come here anyway?

it is lonely here, and yet so crowded

with memories of elemental blood,

flowing in these weary veins

and oft misunderstood

dreams have substance, more than life,

at least they do for me,

i sometimes wish to lock the door,

and throw away the key

knowing all and knowing none,

such silly painful games,

the rules have never made much sense,

in defining limits for the sane

i reject those limits, those restraints

that would seek to box us in,

a sorry ordinary room

of failed wish fulfillment

so damn them all, and bless the one

who reads this latest dirge,

and knows that deep within their skin

they too are on the verge…

copyright r.b.franklin 17/09/06

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