Beyond the stars and far from sight,

There lies the land of NeverLight

Where moonbeams glimmer in the night

‘Neath towering skies of pure delight


Hidden deep amongst ancient trees,

By waters sweet and dark and free

Abides the Lady of Misty Streams,

Midst creatures of our midnight dreams

Canis Lupus, Prince of The Woods,

Forever at her side he stood,

Protecting Sylph from those who would

Diminish her for nameless good

Far overhead in leafy boughs,

The King of owls gazes down,

Ever watchful of those eyes without

The vision to know what she’s about

While under moon of silken power,

Friend Raptor seeks for her a tower,

There to build a lovers’ bower

Filled with dusky orchid flowers


Where she would ever dance and sing,

In boundless wonder at simple things,

And lend his heart and others wings,

Far from the sorrows this world brings.

Copyright r.b.franklin 17/10/06

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