Who Knows Who or Why (The Ballad of Gold Digger and the Tin Man)


Gold Digger, Gold Digger, casts her net

in search of who knows who or why…

Voodoo skulduggery led to digging for gold,

yet other offerings were made at the onset,

when choices were hers (and hers alone)

to go or to stay

Rolling cheap smokes and sitting in spotlight

of little recompense, he could do no more

than await the verdict of inevitable

time and place

Along the way, Tin Man cried out

to stem the bleeding,

to stem the seeding,

of that painful garden

Fingers through hair pleased her well,

but then, the tale’s surface scratched

showed nothing he could sell

to hold that fickle heart

Peeling shy denim from his thighs

Gold Digger found no gold

in those tin-plated hills,

( only thrills and spills )

And hazel eyes of frightened child,

who prayed for best, while knowing

full well worst would come

from such wintry womb entombed

Oh well

Gold Digger left one Autumn day

on a non-committal path and way,

leading to comparatively happy times

with who knows who or why…

Copyright r.b.franklin 13/11/06

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