Janine (The Rapture)




It is a world of earthy pleasure

he found along the way,

where solitude is cast aside,

and simple joy holds sway


Arriving unexpectedly,

no fanfare or host of angels,

could fairly capture or describe

the place where his heart fell


Try as he may there is no means

or paintbrush in his words,

to tell the tale so fair and true

of this maiden and her would-be bard


She is the glory and the story

so well and justly written,

that he may only start each day

with an admission of the smitten


She summons every waking thought

and peaceful sleeping smile,

this mother goddess of the earth,

so unaware of her sweet wiles


She is his muse, his inspiration

to put aside all fear and doubt,

and leads to breath of life renewed,

this freshened faith that God’s about


Each new chapter, each new verse

will ever seek to capture,

the very essence of her soul,

his raison d’être, his rapture



copyright r.b.franklin 28/05/07


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