Love Song



I sometimes look at the world through ceaselessly cloudy eyes;

dimmed, then tilted like a pinball game by the random bounces

of chance, and casual glances that freeze the gaze and the spirit.


But now, I sit and listen. I can hear the rhythm of your soul.

It moves like a gentle breeze here in this sacred place, and I

know for the first time in this life that there is truly nothing to fear.


The star lit serenity is matched in twinkling measure by petite patio

lanterns, hung in symmetrically perfect loops along the edge of

this sheltered cave that marks the entrance to your world.


The freshly cut grass smells sweet, and carries your scent like

bits of perfumed pollen on the wind, caressing away the cares

of the day (and recent sleepless nights) in it’s wake.


 I hear the song of love in your words, and revel in the memory of tiny

tremors of delight that echo back and forth from your skin to mine, like some

small sightless animal that connects our racing hearts in slippery embrace.


I am aware, awakened and alive, brilliantly joyfully alive,

needing no words of supplication to surrender to the

gladness that fills me when I think of you…


Your face, Your eyes,

Your voice, Your smile,

Your hands, Your feet,

Your softly silken skin

Your glorious gorgeous brows,

Your innate sensuality

that catches my breath

in a pleasantly painful

space in my chest,

and grasps it there.


I would hold it there forever if I could.



Copyright r.b.franklin 08/07/07


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