bottomless blue



Remember cozy mice?

A roll of the dice

The same sweet look

 A face in a book

Easy come easy go

Still germane you know

It tears the heart

Yet wisdom imparts

Bottomless blue eyes

Silent good-byes

I can’t look away

Or stray, just pray

For the power

To stay the course


Remembering dissembling

A journey so humbling

Will keep me I hope

From the end of the rope

So carelessly tossed

Out here and across

Is she even aware

Of the strength in that stare

Gazing out (laissez-faire?)

Why must I still care?


A frightening chill

Such a leavening thrill

So lovely still


Aqua faerie

Blithely contrary

Leave me now

Leave me life

Leave me be

(where Jesus flang me)

Set me free

I beg thee



copyright r.b.franklin 16/08/07


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