Jesse is Dead




Jesse is dead
He died years ago
When shot in the head
With Shambhala’s arrow
The pact that was made
With no strings attached
How quickly it frayed
With the butler detached
The new deal proposed
So callous, so cold
Meant Jesse would lose
His heart and his soul
So he drifted away
Out of sight, out of mind
To find his own way
Past the scorpion’s sign
Many trails he rode
In cleansing the stench
And the poisonous coda
Left behind by the wench
To emerge at long last
In the land of the sun
Bad memories now past
The journey seemed won
Yet now once again
To feel the sting
And the icy refrain
In the draft of her wings
As she seeks Jesse’s aid
To find greener hills
No attention is paid
To the ironic chill
Of her attempted re-entry
To the scene of the crime
Déjà vu so perversely
Ever frozen in time
For the strings now attached
On the devil’s own terms
She’s accepted the match
That was long ago spurned
caro-therapy and tea  
Doubtless part of the deal
Until the next time she flees
From commitment’s ordeal
Yes, Jesse is dead,
A rolling stone in his place,
Who will in his turn dread
Valkyrie’s return to the chase

Copyright r.b.franklin 11/09/07



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