Yin Yang



The yin to his yang came in from the cold

When his bones felt wary, weary and old

From the years and the tears of forgotten tales

Slowly drifting away, their images so pale

As compared to one who lightens this load

Of self imposed angst, where often he strode

Around and around those fences of pain

Looking back on the track, with naught to be gained


Sometimes a reminder is a very good thing

That faces in books, no joy they bring,

Just sorrowful memories of long ago dreams

Now surfacing in tic-tacky tales and streams

Of devil in details pleas for assistance

Coated with sugar and tones of insistence

To somehow put aside the sighs and the lies

Yet merely make manifest that caring has died




Focused on one who is Queen to his King

A soul mate who means it when promises ring

With compassion and grace that is more than a name

It defines all she is so inherently framed

And succinctly distinct in her style and her smile  

 Simply stated – commitment means more than awhile

It has to include the peaks and the valleys

Littered along these paths and these alleys

And intrinsic awareness that love is the key

To escape from the past and set their hearts free.



Copyright r.b.franklin 09/10/07



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