Odds and Evens



Odd years are strange-lings on this path of mine

Epiphanies and partings together entwined

Balanced by even and evening defined

But elaborately misshapen and then underlined

By gleanings and meanings of fanciful fate

Throughout and about whilst seeking a mate

These eyes ever watchful but often too late

In steering a course to which some could relate




Oh three was a train wreck of deepening dark

Revelations not biblical but at first sanguine


Oh four made oh three seem a bit of a lark

With traces of hemlock swirled in the wine


Oh five started out like a walk in the park

Until former lover caught the scorpion’s eye


Oh six introspective on paper was marked

Drawing darkness and light on a field of sighs




Oh seven, a miracle of wonder reborn

This face in the mirror no longer to scorn

As life dealt a maiden of fire so foreign

For one long resigned to paths of the lovelorn

Resignation giving way to sweet revelation

Embodied in one stirring mind and sensation

To engage at long last in rapt fascination

Residing in truth long beyond imagination



Copyright r.b.franklin 26/11/07


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