Oh Jeez! (A Dissertation)


Oh Jeez! Says she

When caught off guard in

Surprise at circumstance,

Just about the sweetest thing

That ever was conceived by

God or humankind because

It makes heart sing and

Puts spring in the soul

(And the soles of his feet)

As he walks along impelled

By the lilt in her voice and

An echo of sadder times


Oh Please! Says he

In meditation of

Dreary days spent

Contemplating the

Forays and ways

Oft times mistaken

To be the path he

Was meant to take

(Yet ultimately forsaken)

 Now gentle breeze wraps

Round in close encounter

Of tender and kind design


A treatise! Say they

 About a wind, not ill,

Blowing as they stroll

With hands entwined

Beside still waters

 Running so deep

Forging covenants

 They’ll aim to keep

(Through tunnel of years)

Now looming ahead

Where lovers together

Have nothing to dread


Copyright r.b.franklin 05/01/08


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