Definition: noun – hussy
1. A woman considered brazen or immoral.
2. A saucy or impudent girl.

 3. a woman adulterer


"…Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
But there were so many people you just had to meet
Without your clothes
And everybody knows…"


-Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows




Uncommon hussy makes her way,

Thinly disguised in robes of royalty

Seeking ever to gain higher ground,

In purposeful game with blameless

Others whose ragged path deserved

A better fate than to mate with the

Scheming mantis queen


Manipulation a stipulation hemmed

High in the thigh of savagery,

Obliquely pernicious (so delicious)

Those days laid waste to prey,

While laying claim to innocence,

As if by default no wrong was done

Through carnivorous design


Evil never left so sweet a trail

Of conniving beckoning tail,

A piece of spunk-slicked fleece

Casually, coyly left in wait

As bait present in the cage,

Leaving all to rant and rage

At Amazonian inevitability


Extraordinary hussy often plays

With hearts and minds of those

Drawn by wicked and aching beauty

Personified in hereditary splendor,

There to tender in blithely oblivious

Rite of passage, a bitter message:

No life is more precious than hers



Copyright r.b.franklin 15/01/08


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