Blameless Child



Oh blameless child I love thee more

Than priest or prophet could implore

For gazing deep into your eyes

I saw therein a perfect prize


A willing spirit so fair and sweet

Momentous sharing to entreat 

With promises of healing power

For one with point of view gone sour


One whose dreams of perfect love

Had faded like a dying dove

But now once more to resurrect

A chance for caring and respect


To slowly waltz across the tide

Of dimming memories side-by-side

Beneath the haunting hunters’ moon

Whilst on our breath an elusive tune


That sweeps us up and far away

From tired tumult of the day

There to wrap our hungry hearts

In warmer blanket of new starts


God was very generous, dear

To bring you near and quell the fear

That creeps unreasoned in the night

To poison soul and darken sight


For blame is such a silly game

Sweeping forth in other names

With fault implied though oft denied

A form of fusion suicide


Wretched wanting is not enough

To break the pattern of sorry stuff

Leading eternally far away

From placid place where lovers lay


Back to a land of bitter pills

Of frozen fabric stiff and chill

Where images of fictitious grace

Would seek to damage or displace


This happy dream now here extant

Slowly flowering, a greener plant

In caution’s soil the roots extend

And build a life where we attend


To moments slight and yet sublime

In sun’s last light of happy times

A final hope to make things right

Before our passage into the night


So leave me not for progeny’s call

Their vines must grow on other walls

That may yet abut against our own

Ere the remaining seeds are sown



Copyright r.b.franklin 12/04/08


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One Response to Blameless Child

  1. p says:

    Beautiful poem, I just love poetry, if it was up to me, that’s all I would publish, well it’s up to me lol.  Have a great day, Georgie

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