How is the girl I miss so much?

The world may end at any moment

Where is the lady whose gentle touch

Defuses dreams that come to torment


How did you come into this life?

When hope had drawn far away

Awash in real or imagined strife

That dominated darkened days


How is it that my breath is caught?

When your hand is wrapped in mine

No longer bound by history fraught

With ancient images crystalline


How can it be I am set free?

To linger near your heart my dear

A rebirth of sorts for all to see

An epiphany of insight clear


How will it all turn out I wonder?

Sitting here by words confined

Trying to avoid past blunders

Along this path so ill defined


How may your soul entwine with mine?

As feet we cool in sparkling brook

A place so perfect it nears divine

You could not write it in a book


How and how and how again?

Perhaps together we’ll simply find

That pleasure shared will offset pain

As mine own spirit binds with thine



Copyright r.b.franklin 19/06/08


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