City by the Sea



Five companions ventured forth

 to see what they could see,

along a street where sisters lived

 in a city by the sea,

and Elizabeth lingered near

awaiting Mother’s return,

as across the way two cedars grow

 in memory discerned


Then venturing out by park so Pleasant

yet exposed to windy wrath,

where ancient trees like matchsticks fell

in Juan’s almighty swath,

now just a little further on

eyeing properties historic,

while munching on odd tasting fries

 quite massively caloric


Best move along to sample fudge

 and chocolate in our turn,

and make our way to Pier 21

 while butter fat is burned,

there to wonder at the past

 of immigrant’s storied songs,

scattered along these glorious shores

 in all their huddled throngs


Citadel calls us up the hill

 to enter battlements so grand,

soldiers parade and bagpipes blow

as we gaze across the land,

and ponder how Elaine could know

that bread and meat was stored,

when the explanation simply stated

was spelled out on the door


Now departing walls where prisoners

 peered out long, long ago,

it’s down the road and out of town

 to Swiss Chalet we go,

where chicken quarters and stir fry

 restored and made us whole

as sated, off to home we head

content in mind and soul.



Copyright r.b.franklin 04/07/08

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